Meet “Coach Brock”, legendary former Hall-of-Fame head baseball coach at Tulane University. Coach Brock has helped over 30,000 students transform their hitting stroke and become a powerful, better hitter. The Super 8 Hitting System was designed so that it is easy to understand for all age groups. We have as young as 5 years old, all the way up to our oldest Sr. baseball player of 78 years old.

Coach Brock helps thousands of hitters every month make a plan to create new hitting habits and commit to it. It is crucial that younger hitters grow up with GOOD habits. Working with younger kids and teaching them how to hit correctly can be challenging. However, if you can get them to understand a few principles now, you will save a lot of trouble later on because they will NOT grow with bad habits. They will grow up with good habits.

Coach Brock piled up over 641 wins at Tulane. During his tenure, his players and teams had almost 10,000 hits, over 900 HR’s, and 45 baseball players had a future in professional baseball.

Joe has developed several videos and handbooks on baseball techniques:

-       (1995) – SpeedBat™

-       (1996) – Brockbuster Bat

-       (1998) – Super 8 Hittng System

-       (1998) – Coach’s Manual

-       (1998) – Complete Hitting Program

-       (2001) - Pro-Style Pitching Program

-       (2008) – Readerboard

In 2008, Coach Brockhoff was inducted into the Super Bowl Hall-of-Fame in New Orleans. He currently conducts daily private one-on-one hitting lessons at his hitting cage called “The Sandlot” in Madisonville, LA. It is a very nice facility about 45 minutes drive from Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans, LA.

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